Just the other day, someone had said to me,  “I just can’t believe I weigh the same exact weight as I did 2 months ago.” She said she had been working out and trying to eat better for months and had seen no progress. I can not tell you the amount of people that tell me this same exact story of their slow or no progress toward their fitness goals.

It can be unbelievably frustrating to go to the gym for hours, and then have the mental and emotional stress of seeing no results -- especially after months of hard work! So I decided to write this blog to share with you:

The Top 6 reasons that can stop us from seeing results!

1. You’re not following a sustainable approach

Unless you inherently love exercise and eating healthy foods, shifting over to new eating and fitness habits can seem daunting and take a lot of mental energy. The absolute WORST thing you can do when trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle is to not take a sustainable approach!

What I mean by this is cutting out food groups, doing too much at once or just being unrealistic with your changes! I believe in taking an approach that is sustainable for LONG-TERM! With all of the diets and trends that are always coming out you need to make sure you find something that you will actually have fun with and stick to.

If you don’t you will most likely end up being another story of someone who sees progress and then just goes back to their old ways sooner or later because they couldn't keep up with the unrealistic diet they were on! Planting Seeds doesn’t promote cutting food groups or doing anything too drastic, it’s all about making small meaningful changes to your current routine!


2.You’re not lifting

These next three go hand in hand. You all know how much I LOVE lifting! There are so many benefits from lifting, it will build muscle, boost your metabolism and you will feel more confident and strong!

So many females are cardio bunnies and stay away from weights, and it is so important to jump over that hurdle! Your body takes longer to repair from lifting, than it does from cardio so you’ll burn more calories and get better results with incorporating weights!


3. You’re not working out with enough intensity!

So you’re thinking well, I do lift… and I am STILL not seeing results. This is a BIG one that I always focus on with my girls. It is all about your INTENSITY! Just because you are going to the gym, performing the exercises, using the weights you can lift and leaving does not mean you are working out with intensity!

The amount of effort you put in directly relates to your resuls! You need to PUSH your body to its limits. When you turn it up a notch do one of these three things. Either grab a heavier weight than you usually feel comfortable with, do an extra set or some extra reps. It is important to not too too much change at once, obviously never sacrifice your form, or push yourself too hard that you hurt yourself. But turn it up a notch, make it a little harder than you regularly would.


4. You are overtraining

It is possible that you CAN train too much! It is just as important to rest and let your body recover, as it to train. If you don’t allow your body time the time it needs to heal, you will not produce the lean muscle mass you are looking for. You can actually do the opposite and degrade your muscle, this is called muscle glycogen depletion!

Getting to this point is a very easy way to walk yourself into an injury! Give your body the rest it needs, and if you really want to stay active you can take a walk, or even go on a non-strenuous hike. Active recovery is great, just avoid overtraining and lifting every single day. I personally like to take a day to relax on the beach for my rest days! My Planting Seeds programs all have rest days specifically chosen for the time your body takes to requires to recover from lifting.


5. You are not setting goals!

A very crucial aspect to making sure you reach your goals, is making sure you have set yourself SPECIFIC goals! Be very deliberate and write them down. You can’t have expectations and then be upset when you didn’t put the effort in the reach those goals! Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your goals REALISTIC?
  • Have you set a DEADLINE for you to reach your goal?
  • Do your ACTIONS reflect these expectations?

Start slow and steady, give yourself a goal that is short-term and continue to update those goals as you reach them! Make sure you are putting in equal effort to achieve these goals.. otherwise they are just DREAMS!


6. You’re not staying consistent!

This is the most important reason of them all. Time and time again I have my girls, friends and family ask why they aren’t getting to their goal as FAST as they would like! It is important to realize that changing your body and mind is something that takes SERIOUS TIME.

Even though it is possible to see results in a short period of time, that does not mean they will last, or that you will KEEP seeing changes so quickly. Changing the way you think and learning to LOVE the process is the key to keeping this long-term. If you want to reach your goals that you have set for yourself you need to KEEP.  STAYING. CONSISTENT.

We are all human, and life happens but missing a day or two off from the gym routine or one unhealthy meal isn't going to ruin your progress. What is important is to get back on track as SOON as possible and don’t let yourself spiral back to where you first started. Treat yourself and stay consistent with your healthy habits and you will continue seeing progress!



I hope that you found this information helpful! And if you are someone who has been working at reaching your goals and have seen a halt in your progress, I hope that you can take this information and set some new goals for yourself now and get closer to achieving them.

My Planting Seeds Programs and Meal Guides all incorporate ways to combat these reasons that people aren’t seeing results and they will set you up for success! Along with the fitness and nutrition aspects of progress you also receive my support, for your mental and emotional aspects of this journey. 

We are in this together girlfriend! I can not wait to start this journey with you, If you would like to start my workout programs or use my meal guides just click the links to get started :)









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