How To Stay Motivated


(The general desire or willingness of someone to do something)

In this blog the someone is YOU and the something is WORKING OUT.

I am the first to admit making exercise a habit can be extremely tough. We all want the end result but sometimes what it takes to get there just doesn’t seem worth it in that moment.You know, the moment where all you have to do is put on some stretchy pants, lace up the sneakers and show up. Instead we can sit there for hours coming up with a million excuses… “but I need to make dinner, and I worked my butt of for nine hours today at work.." Today can be a rest day and I will double up tomorrow...”

Let’s plant some seeds and become more mindful on how we can stay motivated or even cultivate some motivation when you have none at all.

For me, my motivation comes and goes in waves. Around this time last year I was single, summer was around the corner, and I had a pretty boring schedule for the most part. I wasn’t traveling much because I was saving up as much money as possible, therefore my routine consisted of waking up going to work and coming home (for the most part I wasn’t a total bum… I did have some friends haha)

So when I started a fitness program, although I was a bit intimidated, I had a lot of things going my way to keep me motivated. I was shocked at my long lasting motivation and the fact that I was able to complete an 80 day program. Sometimes I can’t even get myself to work out 3 times in one week! So as I look back I have come up with things I think helped motivate me and something that have recently been throwing me off.

Ways to help keep you motivated

  1. Telling people/ doing a group program

Hold yourself accountable! And if telling others doesn’t do it, then invite them too! Having a group to help you stay on track is sometimes all it takes. Thats why we have started a 30 Day Beach Body Challenge ! Were all going to hold each other accountable and reap the benefits of helping one another.

  1. Finding the best time for your workout

This could be in the morning first thing when you get up, or straight after work and bringing your gym bag with you. Whatever time it is that fits for you best, plan ahead and MAKE it happen. No excuses when you have prepared yourself to succeed.

  1. Use media platforms as inspiration

Maybe watching videos online of your favorite workouts or getting inspiration from some of your favorite fitness athletes will help you get up and start moving! Find someone who you enjoy following and watch what they do and follow their lead!

  1. Setting short term goals

Sometimes our goals are unrealistic, or the timeframe just isn’t feasible. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Set a short term goal, and the more of them that you reach, the easier it will be to continue on!

Things that can throw you off

1. Traveling

When you travel for a business trip or to visit a friend your routine is disrupted.These are the days when your excuses start to seem legit. You think you are  So plan ahead and make a commitment to yourself before you travel so that you aren’t miss. Pack snacks to stay healthy and take a look at the menu before going into restaurants when travelling so you know what the healthy options are!

2- Taking too many days off

It is much easier to break a habit then to start one. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit therefore it should theoretically take 21 days to fall out of that habit. However I feel that once I start giving into the excuses it is much easier to start using them daily. Dont take longer than 3-4 days off in a row MAXIMUM! Even if you just do an at home workout or go for a run, get your body moving! After our 30 Day Beach Body Challenge you will have just enough days to have broken OLD habits and ADDED new habits!

3- Being tired

Lack of energy is a number one reason people don’t end up starting their work outs. Make sure you are getting  enough sleep and fueling your body properly so you are energized and ready to do your work out.


So Ladies!

There are SO many reasons you can be falling out of staying motivated, but there are EVEN THAT MANY more that you can focus on that are positive and will keep you on the right track. Stay motivated and ask about our 30 Day Beach Body Challenge! Maybe having that environment of motivational fitness partners is JUST what you need to reach those goals girlfriend!


Written By: Caitlyn Lapier & Erica Dumas

How To Stay Motivated

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