Why You Should Try Meatless Mondays!

This past year I celebrated 10 YEARS of eating meat-free!

I wanted to do something special, for this accomplishment I had made so, I invited my coworkers to join me in being meat free! For one day out of the week for one month just say no to eating meat! A simple choice you make has the power to:

  • Reduce pollution
  • Save resources
  • Combat world hunger
  • Improve your health
  • Create a kinder world


But.. Why should I? Can one person even make a difference at all? My favorite quote of all time answers this simply: "It's better to light one candle, than curse the darkness." 

  • The meat industry contributes more to climate change than all of the worlds, planes, trains, and cars combined!
  • It takes as much water to make one hamburger as it does to fill up 10 bath tubs 
  • We need to reduce the amount of animal products we eat in order to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of their hormones, pesticides and antibiotics.
  • Despite the recent decline of meat consumption in the US, we still eat more meat per person than almost any country on the planet.

Small changes DO matter and you don't have to drastically change your life for it to drastically change the world.


Impacts that we can make by going meatless one day a week for 4 weeks: (If you decide to include cutting out dairy on Monday as well, these numbers about double)


People Who Contribute

Animals Saved

Pounds of CO2 Saved

Pounds of Meat Saved

1 person




10 people




20 people




30 people




40 people




50 people !

112 animals saved !

894 pounds of CO2 saved !

108 lbs of meat not eaten !



Some 'food for thought' just planting a seed in your minds, to think about an easy way to help all of these causes. I have attached a printable pdf down below that you can bring into your workplace for sign up if you're inspired! Just try it out, you'll be surprised who will try it out! I got almost 40 people to sign up in only 2 days!

All of my Meal Plans, and the future plans to come will ALWAYS offer vegetarian and vegan options for EVERY meal, and include ALL of the necessary nutrients for a healthy and well rounded diet. It is such an easy way to make a difference in your health and the planets health.


Future blog posts to come will have more information on why and how to incorporate more meals with less meat or becoming a vegan entirely! 



CLICK HERE for FREE downloadable PDF sign up sheet for your workplace or event! MEATLESS MONDAYS SIGN UP SHEET

For more information questions, contact erica@startplantingseeds.com 

Why You Should Try Meatless Mondays!

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