Marlee Mitchell

"After leaving high school and team-based sports, I had a hard time staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I came to Erica Dumas to start her Program with VERY little motivation. Erica definitely had a challenge on her hands when it came to my physical abilities, as how I had not regularly worked out in 8 years.

Erica exceeded my expectations!! I’ve always been the “skinny girl” and didn’t realize how quickly I slimmed down on her program until looking at my before and after photos. I have so much more energy- I wake up earlier and get fatigued less quickly during my long hours at work. 

Erica is a great listener and helped me gain muscle tone overall and helped me bulk and shape where I wanted to. Erica is attentive 24/7 and always checks in on my eating, sleeping, and lifestyle patterns. Since our time together I have grown so very thankful for a trainer and now friend like her. "

10/10 would recommend :)


(Photos were taken 8 weeks apart) 

Marlee Mitchell