"I think I am not alone (especially as a female) when I say I was under the impression that if I lifted weights I would “get buff” or “look manly.” That was the first thing a lot of people would say to me when asking about my trainer/new regimen and I am so glad I started working with Erica Dumas to correct my thinking. She gave me entirely new insight and a foundation of knowledge on how to keep your body active, look better faster, and see results.

After a long period of failed attempts to get fit through large amounts of cardio and the occasional abs video it was refreshing to have Erica to give me guidelines on how and why to target muscle groups. I gained so much in learning how to optimize my time spent working out. I lost several dress sizes over the course of our one-on-one training and have continued to drop inches on my own(!!!) now that I know what to do! That’s huge for me.

Having access to the video clips makes it easy to walk into the gym and be prepared for my workout instead of fumbling around and feeling like I will end up on one of those #gymfails threads. I now alternate between the 8 Week Gym- Based Program and the At Home Workout Program. I also love using her custom Fabric Resistance Band, and I was one of the first to receive one! I am extremely happy and not surprised to say that I achieve sore muscle groups with each of the exercise plans and the band intended for it.

Erica knows what she is doing. So many little milestones in my journey have been celebrated together and I couldn’t be more inclined to recommend her as a personal trainer and/or her Workout Plans to anyone."

 (These photos were taken 12 weeks apart)