Emily Crawford

"Erica Dumas' Planting Seeds 8 Week Gym Based Program is fabulous! Before this plan, I would either go to the gym with zero sense of direction, aimlessly jumping on machines or attend packed fitness classes with crappy music. Each day of this 8-week plan I walked into the gym with an agenda, a specific muscle group to work on, and a sense of purpose. I am a distance runner at heart, but after years of running the roads my knees and shins were battered and I wasn’t seeing results anymore.

I started the 8-week intermediate program to get toned and finally see the results that running had failed to give me in recent years. I also wanted to get to know the equipment at the gym better and develop a greater sense of confidence in this space. Honestly, I started to see results in the first four weeks, especially in my arms and abdominals.

After eight weeks, I feel strong, toned up, and so much more confident at the gym! I was absolutely amazed how quickly I saw results and how fit I looked after only two months. I have always shied away from fitness plans because I was afraid it would be too much of a time commitment, but this plan was so easy to integrate to my everyday life."

(Photos were taken 4 weeks apart)


Emily Crawford